How it works

At First Acre, we understand that each land opportunity is unique. Through careful analysis and market insights our focus is working closely with homeowners and property developers to ensure we identify the optimal development strategies whilst maximising the value and potential of your land.

Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your land investment/opportunity.

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How it works

The process

Initial Consultation

We discuss with landowners who are considering selling their land or exploring its development potential. During this initial consultation, we understand your specific requirements, aspirations, and any unique aspects of your land.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our team of experienced professionals conducts a comprehensive desktop assessment of your land, evaluating its location, size, planning regulations, access to utilities, and other relevant factors.

We analyse the development potential and possibilities, taking into account any specific considerations or constraints.

Site Visit & Evaluation

If the initial assessment indicates potential, we arrange a free of charge, no obligation site visit to gain firsthand knowledge of the land and its surroundings.

During the site visit, we closely examine the area, existing structures, trees, neighbouring properties and developments, and other crucial aspects to refine our evaluation.

In-depth Discussion

Following the site visit, we schedule a detailed discussion with you to share our findings and insights.

We explore the possible development options, considering factors such as residential, commercial or mixed use possibilities.

We provide recommendations that align with your requirements and discuss possible partnerships with property developers.

Collaborative Planning

We believe in collaboration and work closely with you and property developers to devise a plan that optimises the potential of your land whilst exploring the associated timescales and flexible financial possibilities.

Seamless Transactions

Once a viable development plan is established, we facilitate seamless transactions between landowners and interested property developers.

We assist in negotiating favourable terms, ensuring that the transaction is conducted professionally, confidentially, and to your utmost satisfaction.

Partners you can trust

At First Acre, we are dedicated to unlocking the full value and potential of your land. Through our meticulous process and personalised approach, we strive to turn land potential into a reality, creating exceptional opportunities for both landowners and property developers.

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How it works

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